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Corporate Development Goals Create an internationally competitive sputtering target brand enterprise Create leading domestic and foreign thin film deposition materials
Management Concept
People-oriented, efficiency first
Give full play to the role of employees and create good results with efficient work
Code Of Conduct
Be honest and do things carefully
Be a serious employee with strong principles
Semiconductor Chip Market
Combining market demand for high-purity precious metals and alloy materials, vigorously develop the chip semiconductor market
Flat LCD Display Market Excellent performance, reliable structure, fully meet the large-scale production of modern large-size coated glass and other industries
Data storage market
Provide products and services for data storage, memory and other industries from process transformation to strong performance
Photovoltaic Communica-
tion Market
Wide range of materials, applied to coating materials and targets for thin-film solar cells,
high performance and good quality
Industry News
Corporate News
Industry News

鍍膜濺射靶材的工作原理  靶材因其成分、形狀和應用領域不同, 可以采用不同的分類方法。分類標準產品類別按形狀分類長...


20 世紀90 年代以來靶材已蓬勃發展成為一個專業化產業,中國及亞太地區靶材的需求占有世界70%以上的市場份額。大...

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MP:+86 13776271737
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Address:36-1 Dongchang Road, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province,
China.  Zip:215311
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